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At Satoshi’sQuotes, our team is dedicated to providing quality and authentic bitcoin apparel and accessories at affordable costs. These products are crafted through eco-friendly production practices. We deliver worldwide to make sure everyone around the globe has access to the products we offer. At our store, we promise not to save on the quality of the product and hope to satisfy our customers, as well as deliver an even better experience when they return. How do we plan to do this? We will update the designs monthly and expand the store. Feel free to hit us up and provide feedback at @satoshisquotes.

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Satoshi’sQuotes was created in the light of the fact that we needed to portray our support for the Original Bitcoin (now known as BitcoinSV). This is because a large proportion of shirts found online are either not up to mark or are tainted with false ideologies. We choose to fix this issue by offering some basic yet exemplary designs purely focused on the Original Bitcoin. Some of our designs are from funny CSW Rant Moments, dealing with our opponents, others are purely inspirational and visionary.

Nevertheless, we try to be more than a bitcoin merchandise shop, i.e. we want to tell a story with every product. This is in a bid to inspire and even irritate people because we believe that it is essential to spread the word about Bitcoin’s World-Transforming potential. The t-shirts and merchandise are visible in public, thereby creating a Room for Conversation, Discussions, and Education.

The Bitcoin revolution is underway, yet the vast majority still doesn’t comprehend what Bitcoin is all about and why it is so notable. The Bitcoin Community has been split, with the majority following a narrative which states that Satoshi Nakamoto was wrong, and Bitcoin can’t scale. We are here to position ourselves in this battle for the future Monetary and even Global System, amongst all who deny the Truth, and to join forces with those who decide to fight for the true potential of Bitcoin

Why are many people ignorant about this? This is because they have been brainwashed by the company Block Stream and consortium, who are incentivized to keep the block size small and sell the public their solution known as Lightning Network. The idea of Bitcoin has merely been reduced to a store of value.

Others have diverted into thousands of Shitcoins, all trying and failing in an attempt to solve Massive Scaling on the Blockchain, to support its exponential potential.

Most of these so-called “Evangelists” and “YouTube Experts” have positioned themselves among the Shitcoin Army, and blindly ignore the Reality about Bitcoin and the smear campaigns that have taken place against those who supported the true glorious potential of Bitcoin

“The nature of Bitcoin is such that once version 0.1 was released, the core design was set in stone for the rest of its lifetime.” Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin . It restores the original Bitcoin protocol, will keep it stable, and allow it to massively scale. Bitcoin SV will maintain the vision set out by Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper in 2008:Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

A good Summary of The Bitcoin Satoshi Vision can be found here: https://bitcoinsv.io/vision/

For this reason, we are mainly focused on representing Satoshi’s Vision. Also, we want to symbolically stand up for Craig Wright, the Inventor of Bitcoin, not just as a person, but to support the idea he has given the world. We aren’t doing this out of sympathy for Craig Wright. We are doing this because we believe in the Potential. The smart move is to bet on Bitcoin SV(BSV) because it is the Original Bitcoin. BSV will produce the future worth, always imagined for Bitcoin. We are eager to help fulfill Satoshi’s Vision and welcome all Bitcoin believers to join the BSV journey. Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin and is the only Blockchain in the entire market that fulfills the aim of the original Satoshi’s Vision.

Giving Pledge:

We believe it is our responsibility to give to those who are not as fortunate as we are, so we are donating 10% of our earnings to the Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation. This support will be used to support young Children starting their Dancing Career!